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Biz-Energy Consulting

Global Business Inroads is suitably positioned to integrate Business and Energy-Environment Consulting experience and expertise to offer solutions in a seamless manner to public and private sector organizations that would prefer to move towards clean energy strategies and solutions. This includes putting together a multi-pronged approach bringing together technology, service providers, government agencies, non-profit organizations, financial institutions, private equity funds, international financial institutions, multilateral and bilateral agencies to develop Programs that can help an organization adopt clean energy and energy efficient solutions in the short and long term.

Global Business Inroads is focused on providing technology access and financing solutions for India clean tech projects in the public and private sector. This presents a good opportunity for International Companies who are interested in accessing this market.

Global Business Inroads presents Biz-Energy Consulting Solutions: Servicing Clean Technology company requirements on one hand; as well as International Financial Institutions, Private Equity / VC Funding Organizations, on the other, GBI assists its clientele under this portfolio with Partner Identification, Project Identification, Investor Identification, Financial Strategic Formulation and Carbon Financing Solutions.


Service Offerings


Process Flow

1. Clean Energy, Energy Efficiency, Water Sector Strategies &     Solutions
2. Market Transformation Strategies for Disruptive Technologies
3. Business Development for Clean Technologies and Solutions
4. Development and Implementation of Investor and Financing     Strategies and Solutions

Step 1: (Short term)
Market Research / Feasibility Study
Project Opportunity Identification
Identifying appropriate Government, NGO, private organizations for partnership
Identifying appropriate multilateral, bilateral agency for partnership
Step 2: (Mid term)
Partnership Development
Project Application / Proposal Submission
Investor / VC Deal Development and Closure
Legal Documentation
Financial Accounting Documentation
In Country team development
Step 3: (Long term)
In Country Representation to manage Program and Project Activity


• Private Sector Clean Technology/ Energy Companies
Private Equity/ Venture Funding Entities
• Financial Institutions