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Case Study 2:National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Sector: Solar Micro Grid for Remote Rural Areas
Project Location: India
Client Requirement: To assess the potential for micro-grids in India, compile case studies of successful models for deployment of these systems in India and elsewhere, and work with Indian stakeholders to develop a summary of the potential for micro-grid deployment and means for addressing key barriers identified with an aim to eventually develop projects in India.

Services Delivered:

• GBI performed primary and secondary background research to determine the current landscape of solar energy projects in India that includes information on all types of solar projects, including but not limited to off-grid pure solar and solar hybrid PV projects.

• GBI assisted NREL in planning a scoping trip by identifying and short listing key governmental and non-government stakeholders with whom NREL staff interacted during the trip. GBI also assisted in developing the full trip report, specifically compiling the notes from all meetings and assisting in the writing of next steps and recommendations.

• Followed-up with government agencies and private companies on any additional questions related to renewable energy and micro-grids( including but not limited to project-level economics, regulatory, policy and technology) that NREL team had met during the scoping trip.

• Report Writing on the solar micro grid market opportunity and legal and regulatory framework and a report on the feedback from private sector solar companies on opportunities and barriers to implement solar micro-grids in India. Report was published in September, 2012