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Energy and Environment Consulting

Global Business Inroads presents Energy & Environmental Consulting Solutions. Catering to Private & Government Sectors, Multi lateral & Bi lateral Agencies as well as International Financial Institutions.

Global Business Inroads has extensive experience in developing and implementing energy and environment programs and projects to build capacity and transform the way companies and countries operate. The public and private sector has a good opportunity to develop internal programs that will take them towards cleaner and greener strategies and operations. Global Business Inroads can work in cooperation with International and Domestic Agencies to conceptualize, develop and implement programs in the energy and environment sector covering:

• Program Development and Implementation assistance in India and South Asia.
• Strategic Advisory Services for Transforming Markets
Market Transformation Strategies for Disruptive Technologies
Technology Partnership Development
Climate Change Mitigation Strategies

Process Flow

Private Sector Organizations
Non-profit Organizations
• Indian Government Departments and Agencies
Multilateral and Bilateral Agencies
• International Financial Institutions