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Leena’s initiative and brainchild Global Business Inroads – is a boutique entity that leverages and draws from her plethora of experience that spans over a decade across her Consultative Experiences - in the conceptualization, strategic execution and delivery of numerous International programs and projects, spanning organic solutions across verticals such as Energy, Environment, Clean Technology, Education and Wine & Beverages with the United States, United Kingdom, France, Spain, India & Sri Lanka.

Leena has been actively consulting for private and public sector organizations who want to enter and operate in the Indian and Asia Markets, International Financial Institutions and International Non-Governmental and Governmental Organizations.

Leena has worked with the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) of the William J. Clinton Foundation, USAID, Alliance to Save Energy, USA, Louis Berger Group, USA, Pittsburgh Regional Alliance, USA and provided business consulting for private sector energy, education and wine companies. Leena was instrumental in starting and establishing several Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Programs and Projects in India. Ms. Thomas has actively developed and implemented Water and Energy Efficiency Programs, Building Energy Efficiency Programs and Projects, Solar Programs, Outdoor Lighting Energy Efficiency Program, Energy Efficient Product Purchases Program, Municipal Waste Management program and projects, Carbon Financing Program, a national Hybrid-Electric Bus Program. In the role of Program Manager for the aforementioned areas, Leena has continuously engaged with the national and various State governments in India, private sector stakeholders, technology providers, financial institutions and carbon companies to initially identify gaps, find potential solutions, conduct discussions with stakeholders and finally implement projects. Leena’s vision is to build Global Business Inroads into a company that responds and delivers programs and projects according to the needs of clients, countries, regions in a quick, clear and straightforward manner.

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