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» 02.May.2012: Leena Pishe Thomas, CEO, Global Business Inroads in a CNN video
» 04.Sep.2012: GBI Publication on Solar Minigrid - Opportunities and Challenges for Solar Minigrid Development in Rural India
» 05.Oct.2012: GBI promotes New Financing option-Excess Capacity program for Recipco
» 08.Nov.2012: MoU signed between Global Business Inroads & POWERGRID
» 30.Jan.2013: Leena Pishe Thomas, appointed Expert Board Member by the Russian Government funded Centre for the Elaboration and Commercialization of New Technologies in January 2013
» 16.Apr.2013: Presentation on Technology Transition to New Markets at World Bank, Washington DC by GBI
» 19.Dec.2013: Global Energy Opportunities: Leena Pishe Thomas featured by CNBC
» 10.Oct.2013: GBI launches US Market Entry Services in collaboration with USMAC, Silicon Valley, USA
» 01.Jul.2014: Intercultural Intelligence Training for global companies by GBI and Professional Passport, USA
» 02.Feb.2015: Robyn Spens, Global Bridger- Professional Passport delivered a very though provoking talk on Cultural Intelligence at the “Sixth CII Bangalore CEO Forum”
» 26.Jun.2015: Invitation to a Round Table Discussion on Public-Private Partnerships and Collaborations with US FDA at LifeSci Village to Advance BioMedical Innovation: October 26th-27th 2015
» 28.Apr.2015: Leena Pishe Thomas, Director of Global Business Inroads (GBI) has been selected as an expert on swissnex India’s panel of experts to advice Swiss Researchers, SMEs and Entrepreneurs in India.
» 30.Apr.2015: US Market Access Center - Leveling the Playing Field
» 30.May.2015: The Director, Leena Pishe Thomas was presented with the SHRAMA SAADHANA Shining Stars Awards for achieving success through professional excellence
» 19.Jun.2015: A recount of how global cultural intelligence training has helped me mitigate risks - Leena Pishe Thomas - Founder and Managing Director, Global Business Inroads (GBI), India
» 24.Jun.2015: GBI initiative to offer clean and reliable power using Intelligent Microgrids
» 01.Jul.2015: Large Scale Energy Storage: An immediate need for a sustainable future.
» 09.Jul.2015: Apt time for international companies to leverage $100billion India Solar opportunity
» 10.Aug.2015: Global Business Inroads (GBI) is the India representative for the European Business and Innovation Center Network (EBN)
» 21.Jan.2016: Global Business Inroads (GBI) is featured as one of the Top 25 Most Promising Business Consulting Companies in India for the year 2016 by Consultants Review Magazine.
» 10.Mar.2016: Swedish Quality Wind Turbines – To Make in India
» 01.Mar.2016: Career - JD for Technology Management Specialist
» 14.Aug.2015: Invitation to a Round Table Discussion with US FDA to Advance BioMedical Innovation: October 26th-27th 2015, White Oak, Maryland, U.S.A.
» 24.Aug.2015: GBI team joins Hon CM of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu and Mr. Ratan Tata to discuss opportunities for the State and country in Vijayawada
» 07.Sep.2015: Webinar: Announcing the Development of a unique Global Bio/Life Sciences Platform to advance BioMedical Innovation World-wide.