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» 22.Sep.2015: Webinar on the Development of a unique Global Bio/Life Sciences Platform to advance BioMedical Innovation World-wide
» 01.Dec.2015: Global Business Inroads (GBI) brings Budapest Water Works (BWW) to assist the city of Vijayawada to modernize the city’s water distribution and management system.
» 01.Dec.2015: Improving Knowledge and International Competitiveness through Online Learning
» 09.Dec.2015: USMAC - Supporting Entrepreneurs internationalize into Silicon Valley, USA
» 06.Jan.2016: DOBA is coming to Bangalore: 18th-22nd January 2016
» 11.Jan.2016: GBI is addressing CleanTech access in India by bridging the gap between innovation, markets and financing
» 28.Mar.2016: GBI Webinar: Cleantech/Smart Cities Opportunities in India
» 24.May.2016: Global Business Inroads (GBI) is featured as one of the 20 Most Valuable Business Consultants Companies by Insights Success magazine.
» 08.Apr.2016: Webinar: Opportunities in India in Cleantech and Biotech sectors for Colombian companies
» 07.Jul.2016: GBI is seeking Indian nominees for The Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA) 2016 Later Stage Awards.
» 01.Jul.2016: Global Business Inroads (GBI): The newest and the first Indian member of The Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA)
» 14.Jul.2016: SIRAB Technologic Inc, USA – Supporting innovative signaling technologies to improve speeds and safety on Indian Railways.
» 22.Jul.2016: EBN – GBI - Paving the way for Indian ecosystem to internationalize
» 18.Jul.2016: Career Opportunity (Life Science/Biotechnology): Business development executive with Global Business Inroads
» 26.Jul.2016: EBN in India – Supporting innovative EU research ideas and start-ups to commercialize in India.
» 24.Aug.2016: Global Business Inroads – Global Ambassador in India for International Business Innovation Association (InBIA)
» 18.Oct.2016: Calling on Tech companies to showcase innovation on Global Technology Interfaceâ„¢ (
» 08.May.2017: Global Technology Interfaceâ„¢ (GTIâ„¢) calling on Information Technology companies to provide platform development solutions for a German University
» 07.Nov.2016: Supporting Indian/T-Hub Startups with India and International Market Access
» 01.Dec.2016: A large Global multinational corporate is seeking Wet Waste Management technology solutions for the Indian market.
» 22.Dec.2016: GBI supporting Innovate for Digital India Challenge 2.0
» 20.Jun.2017: Global Technology Interfaceâ„¢ official launch on June 20th in San Diego at the BIO International Convention 2017