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US Market Access Center - Leveling the Playing Field

Global Business Inroads (GBI), in association with US Market Access Center (USMAC), is planning to support Indian entrepreneurs and technology companies to internationalize into USA and explore the fast growing opportunities beyond its existing Indian market.

GBI realizes that young start-ups when reach shores of the US to explore risk taking and early adopting ecosystem of Silicon Valley – it faces innumerable challenges – starting with lack of right business acumen, sales skills and have little plan to learn to adapt. Being in a mature market, start-ups struggle to compete with many such equally innovative companies in their areas. Realizing these challenges for non-US tech companies – USMAC offers a platform where the start-ups would be mentored on business model, pitch, and exposed to real silicon valley ecosystem; support with matching start-ups technology solution with the needs of the market; and identify prospective audience – be it a customer or an investor. More than 400 startups from 19 countries have participated in the program to date, and over 100 of them are actively doing business in the US, as a result.

In association with USMAC, GBI is planning to organize a ‘Go-Global’ bootcamps at various locations in India in 2015. This boot-camp would be specifically for Indian start-ups that aim to explore US-Silicon Valley market. The 3-day bootcamp would give start-ups a firsthand experience of Silicon Valley ecosystem – where we plan to conduct a series of workshops, one-on-one mentoring and pitch competitions for start-ups. Through this boot-camp, high ranking start-ups would be selected for further mentoring in both country and in Silicon Valley.


USMAC, founded by San Jose State University - is one of oldest tech accelerator located in Silicon Valley in USA. It functions both as a “soft landing” and a launching pad for emerging tech companies from overseas and focuses on helping these companies seeking to do business in the United States. Since 1995, USMAC has helped over 1,400 companies from over 50 countries get started and stay connected in ecosystem, grow and succeed in Silicon Valley. USMAC achieves this through its custom made market entry programs without taking any equity in the Start-ups and also helps them in doing and scaling business with companies like Google, SAP, Apple, IBM, Amazon, Cisco, Battery Ventures, etc. USMAC also designs specific programs for incubators, universities and regional governments based on their needs for international exposure.

USMAC along with GBI plan to mentor International organizations and start-ups from India in three different phases

Phase 1: Thing Big boot camp – where a 3-day ‘Go Global’ Boot Camp is conducted in the home country (India). This would typically include workshops and pitch sessions and companies would be identified to go to the Market validation phase.

Phase 2: Start Smart - This market validation program for the selected program is carried out partly in home country (India) and partly in Silicon Valley in US. Here mentors would be assigned to help in refining of product-market fit, develop business model, pitch, and identify prospect targets.

Phase 3: Scale fast – In this the market-ready companies would be taken on a 12-week ‘Sales Acceleration’ program, conducted in Silicon Valley. Facilities would also be offered where companies can focus extensively on securing new customers and partners. Upon this phase, Start-ups attain a strong understanding about the funding necessary to scale rapidly in the U.S and also offer an an ideal time to begin discussions with potential investors in the valley.