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GBI initiative to offer clean and reliable power using Intelligent Microgrids

Global Business Inroads (GBI) is now partnering with innovative institutions and companies from US, Europe and Middle East to develop intelligent Microgrids for both rural & urban areas and particularly for residential, commercial and industrial establishments in India, Sri Lanka / Asia. Microgrids as the name suggests, are small scale versions of centralized utility based bulk grid based systems that offer similar electricity, power and heating capacities. This is achieved by generating energy from diversified alternate sources, managing the transmission and distribution of energy and equally importantly managing the energy demand requirements at end user and community level.

Intelligent-micro grids are capable of operating, both grid connected & independently of the grids and offers high quality, reliable power and a cost-effective means to meet the energy requirements. A microgrid is both an energy consumer (meeting the energy needs of the locality) and provider of electrical power (by utilizing locally available resources). Microgrids interoperate with existing power systems, information systems, and network infrastructure. Microgrids may take several forms, such as within a utility metropolitan area, a shopping centre, real-estate development, an industrial park, college campus or any small energy efficient community. These solutions are also most suitable for projects in rural villages, resorts, mountain regions, island economies and states such as Sri Lanka, Maldives, Andaman & Lakshadweep islands of India, and other remote locations. GBI is keen to do projects that have social impact and contribute to the growth of sustainable economic development.

With a growing focus of Government of India which aims to offer sustainable 24X7 energy supply to all its residents and offer reliable power to a growing industry sector, these intelligent microgrids are expected to be backbone of the new economy.

Benefits of Microgrid include:

  • A suitable alternative where grid power is yet to reach or areas where grid power is subjected to frequent shut downs and power-cuts.
  • Offers reliable and high quality power that can be locally managed and controlled.
  • Drives efficient usage of energy maximizes its conservation.
  • Improves integration of distributed and renewable energy resources.
  • Can maximize revenues from ancillary services within the bulk power system.
  • Competitive electricity costs.
  • Lower carbon footprint by maximizing clean local generation, and by avoiding other transmission and distribution losses.

GBI’s Approach:

GBI through its partners is planning to rapidly deploy the microgrid solutions in India. This would begin with an initial assessment of needs of the end user in terms of both power and heating requirements and in identifying technology means to meet these energy needs. GBI would support in the design, finance, build, own, operate of these intelligent microgrids.

Key capabilities includes:

  • Project management through complete cycle of microgrid deployment – starting with feasibility and needs analysis, project design & engineering, project implementation and execution, project financing, operations and management.
  • Support in stakeholder engagement and partner with them.
  • Developing business models that offers win-win solutions and benefits to the stakeholders.
  • Track of industry trends and developments – offer advance solutions and models to the end user.

If you are keen to seek assistance in developing intelligent microgrids in India and Asia, please feel free to reach out to us at