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Large Scale Energy Storage: An immediate need for a sustainable future.

Staying true to our mission of introducing world class, cutting edge technologies in India, Global Business Inroads (GBI) is working with Highview Power Storage (HPS), an award winning, UK based energy technology designer and developer, to pilot and introduce in India a proprietary large scale, long duration energy storage technology called Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES) that uses liquid air as the storage medium. LAES systems use surplus electricity, (i.e. at times of low demand/low cost) to make liquid air which can be stored and released later to generate electricity at times of high demand/high cost. It  is one of  only  a  few  energy  storage  technologies  which  can  be  delivered today at the 20-200MW+ scale.

Along with Pumped hydro and Compressed Air based energy storage systems, Liquid Air Energy Storage systems offers an economical option when compared with redox flow batteries or other electrochemical batteries (such as Li-ion, Ni-Cd, Lead acid etc). While the former two face geographical constraints, LAES uses proven components from the industrial gas and power generation sectors, lower CAPEX, uses no exotic or rare materials and produces no harmful emissions. During its discharge cycle, the technology can also simultaneously effectively harness low grade waste heat or cold, converting it into electricity. HPS’s system gives rise to a very efficient conversion of heat into power (in the 50-70% range at commercial scale).

A 350kW/2.5MWh pilot plant hosted by Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE); fully integrated into the local distribution network, and operated from 2011 until the end of 2014. In 2014 HPS and their project partners, energy and waste management company, Viridor, were awarded funding of more than £8 million for a 5MW energy storage demonstration project by the UK Government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change, which is currently in construction and will be completed by the end of 2015. For more information please visit

Applications: LAES can support power networks on a number of levels including firming intermittent power generation, supporting transmission, distribution networks through grid stabilization services, and providing backup power to end users.

Power Generation

  • Managing intermittent renewable generation
  • Energy Arbitrage
  • Peak shaving


  • Ancillary services
  • Transmission constraints
  • Inertia services
  • Responsive flexibility services


  • Reactive power
  • Voltage support
  • Local security

Comparisons with other energy storage systems: The technology’s flexible configuration (storage size, charging rate and discharging rate all being independent of one another) makes it inherently suitable for larger capacity and longer duration systems.  The Centre for Low Carbon Futures storage technology comparison table gives a good overview of how LAES, also known as Cryogenic Energy Storage, fits in with other storage technologies.


 Highview Power Storage (HPS) in India

HPS is looking to design and pilot multi-MW commercial plants for a number of services including: supporting intermittent renewables, helping manage peak power demand and also delivering security of supply in India.  GBI is working with HPS on technology localization, business analytics and project Implementation in India. GBI conducted the initial market research and business development in India, we are continuously identifying and managing discussions with potential partners, Utilities/State Electricity Board (SEB’s), investors, national and state governments and Indian EPC contractors, Research organizations for project opportunities. 

Please contact us at if you would like to learn more about energy storage technologies and if you are interested in the applications of Highview Power Storage (HPS).