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Apt time for international companies to leverage $100billion India Solar opportunity

India offers one of the largest and most exciting solar market for international companies to participate. The ever growing demand for fast growing economy combined with the need to generate energy from sustainable sources, India offers an ideal location for new technology companies to pursue opportunities in the country. Some of the points to consider

  • Indian solar technologies, though have access to huge domestic solar market, they have two biggest disadvantages. They have not been the best or latest in technology nor have they been the cheapest to compete.
  • On a large scale, India is yet to adapt and commercialize advancements made in panels, microinverters, power optimizers etc and lack of optimal planning and designing of solar plants.
  • Supply chain and component parts are not readily available locally
  • A pro-cleantech government which aims to promote most reliable and suitable technologies at affordable costs.
  • Indian companies also lack access to low cost capital to build manufacturing plants of required scale.


GBI will be happy to support international cleantech companies in exploring and leveraging opportunities in India and other emerging markets. GBI would support tech companies in identifying actual project opportunities as well as connecting with the partners for collaboration and joint ventures.

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