Global Technology Interface Platform, Come Discover and Collaborate


Invitation to a Round Table Discussion with US FDA to Advance BioMedical Innovation: October 26th-27th 2015, White Oak, Maryland, U.S.A.

Global Business Inroads (GBI), Bangalore, India in cooperation with Global LifeSci Development Corporation (GLDC), Maryland and the The IV2 Alliance™, USA are inviting pre-eminent biomedical and biotechnological entities from around the world to build unique international platform which will open channels for stakeholders to Display, Discover, Develop and Deploy biotechnology products and solutions in global markets. The dual play will include on one hand a virtual platform that will allow for the showcase, discovery, experience, connect and management of technologies. On the other hand as a physical platform it will establish LifeSci Village™ as the international ‘Port-of-Entry’ into the U.S. Public Health Market. ™ for companies looking to expand their horizons for doing business and research globally – alongside fostering other international nodes to leverage and benefit from presenting their geography specific market opportunities as well. This will be a powerful “nucleus of activities” to foster sustained and real time exchange across the world to facilitate collaboration in Technology, Science, Research, Innovation and Business. 

LifeSci Village™ is poised to be international epicenter for advancing global health and biomedical innovations. The IV2 Alliance™ and the US FDA have already entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate and advance the US FDA's global health initiatives, including the US FDA’s “Driving Biomedical Innovation” initiative.  LifeSci Village™ and The IV2 Alliance™ are being designed to offer meaningful value to all stakeholders who collaborate with LifeSci Village™ by enabling them to be a part of an attractive and vibrant Global Lifescience Platform for collaborations and opportunities to form unique business relationships among private global health enterprises and public health organizations world-wide to innovate new products, policies, and procedures that will protect, promote, and advance global public health.

LifeSci Village™ is planned to be a 300-acre mixed-use community setting, including a biomedical consortium campus for world renowned universities, researchers, patient advocacy groups, health professionals and foundations; private biomedical and biotechnology enterprises; it will also house the headquarters of the US FDA’s Office of Regulatory Affairs. It will also include amenities such as hotels and conference centers; quality restaurants, shops, residences, entertainment venues, and public parks and spaces.

We cordially invite representatives of International BioMedical clusters, companies, biotechnology trade associations, governmental and non-governmental organizations to attend a Roundtable Discussion Event on Monday, October 26 and Tuesday, October 27, 2015, White Oak, Maryland sponsored by Montgomery County Executive: Isiah Leggett and Montgomery County Government on potential public-private partnerships and collaborations with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration at Montgomery County’s planned LifeSci Village™ in White Oak, Maryland (adjoining the US FDA’s consolidated headquarters). Please find detailed agenda for the event here.

This two-day event will provide various prospective stakeholders the opportunity to have a voice in custom-designing the proposed set of programs and the physical attributes of the planned LifeSci Village™, so that LifeSci Village™ can be designed and constructed to represent a most beneficial “value add” proposition for the various stakeholders.

Please note this is a By Invitation Only”/Very Limited Seating/First Come-First Served Roundtable Discussion Event send us an email to to know more about this opportunity and to attend the round table event in October 2015. We will be happy to connect with and setup a discussion with our colleagues at GLDC.