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Webinar: Announcing the Development of a unique Global Bio/Life Sciences Platform to advance BioMedical Innovation World-wide.








Webinar: Announcing the Development of a unique Global Bio/Life Sciences Platform to advance BioMedical Innovation World-wide.

Date: 22nd September, 2015

Time: 1700h (5:00pm) IST/7:30am US EDT to 1745h (5:45pm) IST/8:15am US EDT

Purpose:  An informative preview of a “By Invitation Only” Roundtable Discussion with the US FDA and Montgomery County, Maryland on October 26-27, 2015

Webinar Program on 22nd September, 2015:

Introduction to LifeSci Village™ and The IV2 Alliance™:  The planned LifeSci Village™cluster, located adjacent to the US FDA Headquarters in White Oak, Maryland (in Washington, DC Metropolitan Area), is poised to be a unique epicenter for advancing global health and biomedical innovations and commercialization, and to become the “International ‘Port-of-Entry’ into the U.S. Health Market.”   The IV2 Alliance™ is planned to be constituted by a very elite group of internationally preeminent universities, academicians, researchers, and translational scientists.  -  

Speaker: Jonathan M. Genn, President, The IV2 Alliance, Inc., and Executive Vice President of Global LifeSci Development Corporation. 10mins

- Strategic Advantages of LifeSci Village™ to the International BioMedical Community

- The unique federal, state, and local Public-Private Partnerships that are at the foundation of LifeSci Village™ and The IV2 Alliance™

- The IV2 Alliance™ and the US FDA have already entered into an “unprecedented” Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate and advance the US FDA's global health initiatives, including the US FDA’s “Driving Biomedical Innovation” initiative through (among other efforts) International Harmonization.

- Round table introduction and purpose

Introduction and vision for creating a unique international “Cluster of Clusters”:  Building unique international virtual and physical platforms to open channels for stakeholders to Display, Discover, Develop and Deploy technologies global markets and to foster sustained and real time exchange across the world to facilitate collaboration in Technology, Science, Research, Innovation and Business.

Speaker: Leena Pishe Thomas, Director, Global Business Inroads. 10mins

- Open only to a select elite group of International BioMedical Clusters/International Biotechnology Private Enterprises/Trade Associations/International governmental and non-governmental organizations to join 

- How the proposed “Cluster of Clusters” aligned with LifeSci Village™ and The IV2 Alliance™ will build valuable global collaborations

- The “Value Add” proposition for elite group of the World’s preeminent BioMedical clusters and enterprises, who choose to align with LifeSci Village™ and The IV2 Alliance™

-  Strategies for sustained / on-going actions leveraging technology

Need for Global Collaborations to advance knowledge / technology transfer and innovation.

Speaker: Dr Jitendra Kumar, Director& Head, Bangalore Bioinnovation Centre (BBC). 10mins

-  How Karnataka / India can contribute to the global platform

-  Government Initiatives for global collaborations

Question and Answers 15mins

Additional information and the agenda of the Roundtable Discussion can be found here.

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