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GBI promotes New Financing option-Excess Capacity program for Recipco

Recipco (the capacity exchange and non-monetary trading platform) provides a solution for corporations, governments and intergovernmental or non-government organizations to conduct non-monetary trade in a way that overcomes the difficulties, inefficiencies and risk associated with current bilateral trade practices, while enabling them to increase sales, reduce expenses and reduce dependence on cash and credit. The Recipco solution is also a non-inflationary, private sector option that complements governments' economic stimulus programs to support trade, helps maintain employment and provides an alternative to traditional financing methods.

Since inception, Recipco has undertaken countless missions with recognized stakeholders in certain countries and regions specifically targeted because of their potential to benefit greatly from the economic and social development of Recipco. Management continues to collaborate with stakeholders towards the establishment of strategically located, government sponsored, "regional hubs" in support of the Company's existing operations and in order to better service clients multilaterally. The Company's extensive work and successful alignment with government entities in the UK has provided a template for market entry into other targeted geographical regions that consists of identifying and engaging key public and private sector stakeholders, obtaining government sponsorship, and enlisting the support of key associations, business leaders, influencers and academia.  


India represents an ideal geographic location for a Recipco Exchange. Historically the country has had a long standing dependence on trade, going back to its prominence along the historical network of interlinking trade routes referred to, today, as the Silk Road. At present, India is a low-cost leader in international outsourcing with an educated population of English speaking, skilled workers, but despite its industrialization, there exists a very real lack of capital and need for a more stable infrastructure.   

In May, Recipco CEO, James Fierro, addressed a gathering of business and NGO representatives in Bangalore, India hosted and organized by Global Business Inroads CEO, Leena Pishe Thomas. Global Business Inroads has been involved in introducing disruptive and cutting edge technologies, concepts and solutions in India for years.  

According to Ms. Thomas, who initially planned to have close business associates, colleagues and friends for dinner to discuss the meaning of Recipco in the Indian context, each invitation call she made brought forward a range of reactions and questions. Will this improve my business performance? Is this a new form of the barter system? Is this really coming to India? How will it work? What is the unit of exchange? How will it impact the tax system? What are the benefits for the rural sector in India? Will poorer sections of emerging economies be able to exchange their produce for energy? This level of curiosity was, in Ms. Thomas' opinion, highly indicative of the level of impact the Recipco Capacity Exchange could have in an emerging economy such as India.  

The group that gathered for Mr. Fierro's presentation included representatives from the industrial, aviation, hospitality, finance, NGO, energy, environment and consulting services arenas. Although the attendees were predominantly interested in understanding how Recipco could help solve their most basic problems such as lack of financial resources and the erratic movements of the financial markets, each participant had his own unique application and need for the Recipco solution. The group discussed how an excess capacity exchange could improve their bottom-line, but also how Recipco could solve some of the more socially inherent problems faced by rural India, such as providing a platform to help rural communities get access to energy by exchanging rural agricultural or non-agricultural produce.

At present, Recipco's target geographies for the development of its regional hubs include India, China, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland the United States.  Other key emerging markets under consideration are Africa and South America.