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Swedish Quality Wind Turbines To Make in India

Riding the “Make in India” wave, Global Business Inroads (GBI) is working with Energy Converting Wind AB (ECWind) based in Olofström, Sweden, to bring in Swedish technical expertise to manufacture locally in India high quality, high performance, low maintenance and sound exposure wind turbines in the 20-100 kW range.

Approximately 1 million small wind turbines (0.5-100 kW) are installed globally and it is expected that the global market will grow 20% yearly within the next 5 years (2015-2020). Many of the installed turbines are in the lower end of the span, but it is expected that the market for 40-60 kW turbines will continue to show substantial growth.


            Source: Small Wind World Report 2014 – World Wind Energy Association 

ECWind is seeking to transfer the technology to an Indian entity that has the capacity and interest to take the next business steps and exploit the growing market opportunities. ECWind will be able to provide state-of-the-art construction know how along with production and maintenance expertise for the 55 kW turbine which can be scaled up to 75 kW on the same platform. The highly skilled team from ECWind will work with the Indian group to support the knowledge transfer and also connect them to their well-established reseller network in the UK. 


Some of the salient features of the ECWind 55 include:

  • No gearbox, which helps to make the turbine quieter, resulting in fewer moving parts to maintain and no need for changing the oil
  •  Enhanced output by using a Synchronous Permanent Magnet generator
  •  Automatic pitch control and rotor speed
  •  Automatic yaw control
  • Control box incorporated into tower
  • Output and fault monitoring via GSM or internet

Please contact us at if you would like to explore the opportunity to take advantage of the “Make in India” campaign to manufacture locally and scale gloablly. India is already a key exporter of wind turbines to important export markets include South America, the USA, Europe and Australia, but there is rapidly increasing domestic demand as well for Small Wind Turbines especially in the Micro grids and Hybrid markets as many rural areas  that do not have access   to the   grid and have to depend on microgrids for power. Small Wind turbines can also compliment Solar PV for commercial buildings and office space buildings that aim to go off-grid. The market for micro grid systems and hybrid energy solutions is a growing market and is expected to continue growing in the