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GBI Webinar: Cleantech/Smart Cities Opportunities in India


Prospect Silicon Valley and GBI hosted a webinar and discussion on India market opportunities to demonstrate and commercialize innovative clean and smart technologies, and how GBI could help provide market access and involve U.S. companies in smart city projects in India.

The Opportunity

The Government of India has allocated $15 Billion to develop smart cities and to rejuvenate and transform urban areas within India. The Smart Cities Mission kicked off this year with the first 20 cities already selected. This could present a very exciting opportunity for businesses working to develop and launch smarter, cleaner solutions in energy, sanitation, transportation, health education and the built environment. Other opportunities in other sectors such as electric and hybrid vehicle, smart grids, building management systems, etc were also highlighted. 

The Way Forward

GBI also presented how U.S. technology companies can overcome some of the overwhelming challenges by following a roadmap to internationalize to have a sustained presence in India. GBI believes Innovation and Creativity are key to finding solutions for every unique client, based on which GBI highlighted the range of services developed for various types clients including technology transfer and commercialization, project / program management and ecosystem development.