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MoU signed between Global Business Inroads & POWERGRID

POWERGRID proposed to develop a Pilot “Smart City” in Puducherry jointly with Electricity Dept., Govt. of Puducherry covering intelligence and two-way communication in entire value chain i.e, generation, transmission and distribution. We all agree to join hands together as open collaboration by providing fast,  interoperable and high-quality professional support for development of indigenous “Smart city” Pilot project in a demonstrable manner in which POWERGRID will work as an enabler. This endeavour shall also be extended to other consumer services in a city to take care of security system, transport system, water management, e-public services, smart building & home, e-education, medical transcription etc. in a holistic manner. 

GBI had collaborated and also intend to volunteer certain areas/sectors such as Microgrids, Energy Storage and Smart Grids for Pilot Smart City at Puducherry, for which a separate MOU had been signed with POWERGRID on 19th October’2012

The electricity sector is confronted by critical challenges including significant growth of electric power consumption, spread of transmission & distribution network, implementation of environmental policies to combat climate change, information exchange and economic development. Diversified electricity market has given a new paradigm shift the way power is generated, transmitted and distributed. These challenges are leading to increased development of electric power production from grid interactive renewable energy sources, exploration of new possibilities for energy storage, development of electric vehicles (EVs), recognition of consumers and utility as smart energy decision-makers, and advancement of energy efficiency in real time.

Realizing that these developments, characterized by much more volatile and unpredictable behavior than previously seen, have led to management of networks, and in particular energy distribution networks, in a much more responsive way and close to real time, we at GBI will continue our work within “Smart City” Pilot Project and commit time, effort and resources to support unique endeavor of POWERGRID and Electricity Dept., Govt. of Puducherry towards development and application of new technologies related to integration of renewable energy sources, smart distribution, energy storage, electric vehicle and other related consumer service areas