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Webinar: Opportunities in India in Cleantech and Biotech sectors for Colombian companies

Opportunities in India and GBI support to Colombian companies to leverage these opportunities

Ruta N Medellín, Colombia and Global Business Inroads (GBI), India organized a presentation and discussion on Thursday, April 07, 2016 on India market opportunities to demonstrate and commercialize innovative technology solutions in Cleantech, Biotech and ICT opportunities.

As India plans to be the next miracle economy, with rapid sustainable growth over the next decade, it is clear from recent commitments made at COP21 event in Paris that India does not have the luxury of its many Asian peers – to depend on industrialization built on cheap but 'dirty' energy sources and avoid the stresses and pollution of other resources such as water and air. At the same time, with favorable economics of cleaner energy in recent years and being rich in these resources, India does have a unique opportunity to build an economy by adapting a sustainable energy path that is free from carbon emissions. With a fourth of its population still trying gain access to the macro-grid, it favors a lot to develop an economy based on a decentralized approach. India, being the fastest growing major economy in the world offer a conducive research and business environment for international companies such as Colombian ones, to innovate, discover technology opportunities, demonstrate the usefulness and key benefits associated of its solutions, deploy and scale the solutions in Indian and global markets.

Ruta N is a corporation created by the city of Medellín, UNE telecommunication company and EPM (the second largest company in Colombia), to promote the development of innovative technology-based businesses. Ruta N seeks to promote the development of innovative, technology-based businesses that increase the competitiveness of the Medellín city, revitalize the Colombian economy, and strengthen strategic cluster networks across the world. Ruta N cluster includes public and private organizations, educational institutions and various entities of the science and technology.

During the webinar, GBI presented a whole holistic approach on how an international entity such as the one from Colombia can explore and eventually succeed in the Indian market. Some of the aspects covered in the webinar included

  1. Opportunities in India across the sectors such as Cleantech, Biotechnology and ICT that international companies can participate, connect, and leverage
  2. The Technology Management Interface (TMI) process for India market development, where GBI has the expertise to identify opportunities in India for new, innovative technologies, develop the market, identify partners/customers, localize the business model, scale the market opportunity, represent the technology company, develop sales pipeline and manage relationships in country to enable a sustained market entry. GBI has significant expertise in assisting International organizations in setting up their ventures, developing new initiatives and ideas for institutions seeking to grow their business in India.
  3. Creating an ecosystem in India: where GBI facilitates a Technology demonstration centre (physical and virtual) in India in collaboration with local ecosystems. 

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