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Global Business Inroads (GBI): The newest and the first Indian member of The Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA)

Please refer to this link: New GCCA Cluster in Bangalore, India


We welcome Global Business Inroads from Bangalore as our new and first GCCA cluster partner in India! Global Business Inroads (GBI) is a boutique international business and project management consulting entity with a specialization in the energy and environment sector. 


Leena Pishe Thomas, Founder at GBI and experienced energy and environmental specialist, and her team provide years of expertise, extensive domain knowledge, strategic innovation, benchmarked creativity and professional instincts that culminate into a unique value proposition for all your consulting requirements. A particular focus of GBI is on the Cleantech growth markets in India and Asia. 


The partnership with GBI marks an important milestone for GCCA and further strengthens the collaboration opportunities for clusters and their member companies in all relevant Cleantech markets across the world.