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SIRAB Technologic Inc, USA Supporting innovative signaling technologies to improve speeds and safety on Indian Railways.

Commercializing an innovative idea developed in a research lab or adopting new ideas from a complementary sector is always a challenge. In pursuit of commercialization for an innovative idea, it involves challenges of finding the right building blocks and find measurable market acceptance. Global Business Inroads (GBI) is currently working in one such area in transportation sector – where we are helping SIRAB Technologies Inc. bring-in much needed innovation into the railways sector. 

SIRAB is a Silicon Valley, California based start-up which has been associated with Prospect Silicon Valley, having proficiency in developing innovative technologies and services which includes defense and transportation sectors, is currently developing innovative signals and communications technologies for Indian Railways market and automated highways in the US. The prime objective of these efforts to improve speeds of Indian Railways while making the travel safe at the same time. Some of the key technology areas that SIRAB is exploring include – Traffic collision avoidance system (TCAS), Train Protection and Warning System (TPWS), Positive Train Control (PTC), Electronic Train Management System (ETMS), etc 

Connecting with potential business partners in India, GBI recently conducted a preliminary market research in India to identify and assess the needs in Signaling and communications for Indian Railways. GBI is currently working with SIRAB to identify potential funding sources, such as investors, lending agencies and government grants and help SIRAB in setting-up R&D facility in India. Subsequent to the product development cycle, GBI aims to facilitate SIRAB to liaison with R&D organizations such as Research Designs & Standards Organization (RDSO), for certification and approvals for the prototype and implement the developed solutions in key projects with potential partners. Further to this GBI will assist in connecting SIRAB to raise funds for potentially manufacturing these technology solutions and drive the company through the Government of India’s “Make in India” mission. 

Through these efforts and for promising and innovative technology ideas in the Indian Railways sector, GBI aims to create an ecosystem at each level and act as on accelerator to promote sustainable innovation coming into India. Promoting these advanced technologies could steer-up the closing the gaps in the signaling system and help the Indian community to travel across the country in timely and safe environments.   

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