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Global Business Inroads – Global Ambassador in India for International Business Innovation Association (InBIA)

GBI is delighted to announce that we have been appointed as Global Ambassador for International Business and Innovation Association (InBIA). InBIA, based out of Orlando, Florida is a diverse group having about 2000 members across 60 countries which include incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces, University commercialization/entrepreneurship centres and regional economic development stakeholders focused on supporting and building an entrepreneurial ecosystem. InBIA has about 30 years of hands on experience in supporting and assisting theses entrepreneurial ecosystems across the world.

InBIA focuses on sectors like IT/software, biotech, energy, manufacturing/prototyping labs, agricultural, arts, food and non-tech businesses. As a developmental platform, each year, InBIA offers thousands of entrepreneurship program managers and regional economic development leaders - with information, education, policy recommendations, advocacy and networking resources to bring excellence to the process of assisting early-stage companies. GBI being InBIA’s Global Ambassador in India will liaise in India and aim to bring the global expertise to support India entrepreneurial ecosystem that is fast developing India.

InBIA’s Key services include:

  • Global Connectors: Program assures that businesses that look at globalisation are introduced to the right businesses practices and cultures.  
  • Soft Landing: A unique business incubation program for companies expanding into international market.
  • Global Ambassador Network: A program with a mission to help business incubators, accelerators and entrepreneurs around the world.   
  • Program for Managers: A distinctive entrepreneurial support program that offers valuable resources like assessment toolkits, benchmarks, etc.

InBIA’s key value proposition for Indian organisations include:

  • Online collaboration and networking opportunity to connect with peers and have real time discussions across communities.
  • Opportunity to network with industry peers at events
  • Timely news and information on markets 
  • Industry recognition opportunities.
  • Certification program:Business Incubation Management Certificate (BIM) Program for managers and professional staff on,
  • Establishing Successful Entrepreneurship Programs
  • Guiding Companies: Leveraging Resources and Strategies
  • Finance & Operations for Sustainable Entrepreneurships programs
  • Design & Management of Facilities that Serve Entrepreneurs

NewCo academy Courses: Bootcamps and workshop for entrepreneurs on,

  • Business model canvas/Value Proposition Design Bootcamp for Entrepreneurship
  • Customer development strategies Using Lean Startup
  • Developing Effective Crowdfunding and Investor Presentations & Investor presentations.
  • Startup Business modelling and Pro Formas That Attract Investors
  • Angel and venture capital fundraising and Valuation Basic

Speciality courses: An advanced and speciality focused program which includes,

  • developing and maintaining successful mentoring
  • Operating a seed accelerator
  • Digital marketing strategies to accelerate
  • Successful approaches to soft landing
  • Funding and Operating Successful University Entrepreneurship centers
  • Operational Best practices for Successful Biotechnology Incubator
  • Hybrid and Virtual Incubation model
  • Best Practices in Raising ad Operating Regional Seed Funds
  • Building Sustainable Food Incubators and Accelerators
  • Rural incubation Success Strategies and Revenue
  • Grant strategies for Entrepreneurship Programs

GBI Value proposition in India for InBIA members:

GBI: Supporting tech to Display, Discover, Develop, Deploy into India