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Calling on Tech companies to showcase innovation on Global Technology Interfaceâ„¢ (


Global Business inroads (GBI) is pleased to announce that it has launched the Global Technology Interface™ (GTI™), a portal to showcase technology and innovation on a sustained basis in order to discover new international partners, customers and investors with an objective to foster collaborations by showcasing strengths and areas where they seek co-operation with counterparts. We are pleased to invite technology companies to join us and showcase innovation with an objective to discover new prospects and deploying in new markets.  

GTI™ provides a platform for early market discovery whilst saving time and money. From our vast experience of working with over 200 tech entities globally; including corporates, entrepreneurs, MSME’s, startups and R&D institutions over the last decade, we have been able to identify certain challenges these entities face with complexities of market access, finding customers and investors, technology indigenization, IP, market readiness, pricing, finance, policy and global cultural awareness while entering new markets. We have chosen to address some of these complexities and globalize replicable actions through our online portal that enables the Display, Discovery of tech and innovation - With an aim to facilitate business and research collaborations globally. Through our platform we facilitate the following,

  • Technology Showcase: Provides a platform to show case technology products and services to discover and collaborate with new international partners, customers and investors by showcasing strengths and areas where entities seeks co-operation with their counterparts.
  • Technology Discovery: Provides a platform for technology scouters or adopters the opportunity to stay tuned to new innovations, develop their understanding of technologies and deploy/commercialize technology products and services. .
  • Collaborative Research and Development: A platform to facilitate collaborations and supports the development of consortiums with global research ecosystems – to commercialize technologies and find funding sources
  • Innovation Portfolio: It also provides a portfolio for members looking for investments to deploy and commercialize technologies.

Members can interact with potential collaborators on a curated platform that is managed by a team of experts who are focused on the deployment of technology.

If this is of any interest to you, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to demonstrate the advantages and explore how it could add value to your growth strategies.

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