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Intercultural Intelligence Training for global companies by GBI and Professional Passport, USA

Culture has such a deep impact on how individuals and businesses work and act and understanding this is fundamental to creating a cohesive organization when working on an international scale. GBI recognizes a need for building cultural intelligence in businesses looking to better scale and invest in their business internationally. To help companies increase revenues and reduce costs for their international operations, GBI is partnering with Professional Passport to offer a two day workshop of hands-on training.

Professional Passport is a US headquartered company with multinational operations and presence in India and the UK. The company helps clients to develop an understanding of cross-cultural relationships within a business and establish international best practices. Organizations can learn their own cultural behaviors, values and beliefs while also learning how to bridge the gap between cultures using the necessary tools and skills that Professional Passport provides. A foundation tool they offer is CultureActive©, a unique and invaluable online cultural assessment. They also offer a program called the Global Awareness Program (G.A.P.) which teaches environmental, cognitive and social global awareness, competencies that are critical in the smooth working operations of multi-cultural distributed teams.

Learning to communicate across cultures is vital to building an international business. This partnership between GBI and Professional Passport helps clients to develop a global mindset, recognize cultural differences and incorporate these differences into decision-making processes, building a healthier, cross-cultural organization.

"Seeing the world from the perspective Professional Passport presented on cultural intelligence was a huge eye opener for me. I had taken several cross-cultural classes before, but none of them showed me how to effectively position myself within cultures the way this program did. I highly recommend it."
Paul Dittman, Sr. Project Manager Intel, Portland, Oregon

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