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Technology Management Solutions

Technology companies, both large and SMEs, while planning their market entry into India can look at an approach that will benefit their business and their target market - leveraging the strengths of their teams and the capabilities and capacities of the new market. Global Business Inroads has extensive experience in transitioning successful concepts/technologies to new territories (e.g. USA/Europe/Russia to India).

GBI has deep experience in the process of introducing technologies in India, localization/indigenization at a techno-commercial level and technology positioning, marketing the technology to a select group of companies/investors in India. GBI is well-connected with various central and state government agencies, large, medium and small companies in India and has a good understanding of their technology needs.

GBI is well-positioned to first, localize the technology (at a technical, supply chain level) and then commercialize, ensuring the IPR is protected along the way. The crux of the strategy lies in identifying and taking advantage of strengths of buy- and sell side.

GBI also consults for Indian organization and continuously maps requirements of Indian businesses looking for technology partnerships and investment that are focused on clean energy and environment related projects.

Technology Development and Management: Technology access for projects in India. A variety of activities are carried out depending on the nature of the technology, including, but not limited to:

Technology Incubation
Technology feasibility
Technology sourcing
IPR Protection
Technology Localization/Adaptation
Technology Commercialization
Business Analytics
Government Liaison
Involving Communities / NGOs
Training & Capacity Building/ Operations & Maintenance/ Research & Development

Few Illustrative Cases Studies:

Highview Power Storage,UK
National Renewable Energy Laboratory: Solar Minigrid
Gasrec,UK-Converting Waste into Liquid Biomethane (CNG)

Understanding your technology requirements (Please spare few minutes to write back to us)


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