Global Technology Interface™ official launch on June 20th in San Diego at the BIO International Convention 2017

Global Business Inroads (GBI) is excited to announce the launch of Global Technology Interface™ (GTI™), a portal to showcase technology and innovation, with a focus on cleantech, biotech and information technology, in order to discover new international partners, customers and investors with the objective of fostering collaborations by showcasing strengths and areas where they seek to partner with verified institutions. GTI™’s objective is to make it easier and cost-effective to scout for technology and collaborate, to bridge the gap in tech access and deployment.

GBI has been working closely with Global LifeSci Development Corp. (GLDC) on the International Cluster of Clusters™, a project to build and advance international biomedical innovation. The International Cluster of Clusters™ concept will be presented at the annual biotechnology conference – BIO 2017 – in San Diego this June. GLDC will also be celebrating the launch of its joint development project – the Viva White Oak science park  - in collaboration with the Montgomery County of Maryland. Viva White Oak™ is strategically located adjacent to the US FDA Maryland’s headquarters, ensuring it will become a world-class life sciences center.

GLDC will host an invitation only gratitude dinner, co-sponsored by the Maryland Department of Commerce and the Maryland Technology Council in honor of our Alliance Partners (members of the International Cluster of Clusters™). Other exemplary invitees for the dinner include former U.S. FDA officials, international biomedical executives, and Maryland and Montgomery County government officials. It is at this dinner that GBI will be making a special announcement - the official launch of our technology platform – the Global Technology Interface™ (GTI™).

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