Robyn Spens, Global Bridger- Professional Passport delivered a very though provoking talk on Cultural Intelligence at the Sixth CII Bangalore CEO Forum

obyn Spens, Global Bridger- Professional Passport delivered a very thought provoking talk on the 28th of January 2015 at the “Sixth CII Bangalore CEO Forum”   which is a platform to share the success stories in leadership & businesses and also to keep track of the learning curve. It also aims at addressing the complex challenges faced by CEOs and Senior Executives to shape-up successful businesses. 

She spoke about the importance of Cultural Intelligence and Leadership in a global business community, how more often than not, local culture trumps business strategies and that organisational structures do not always  transfer well while doing business in international markets. She emphasised the differences between Cultural Intelligence and Cultural Competence with cultural intelligence being purely the study of self and how our own culture has shapes how we communicate and interact with others.

She also addressed concerns about Cultural Intelligence becoming focused only on the differences, whilst being aware of the cultural differences that exist can be very helpful when interacting with a culture for the first time. In order to truly bridge the gap, we must become proficient at  adapting  and adjusting our own behaviour, to meet specific challenges and our peers halfway.

Professional Passport, represented by Global Business Inroads in India is driving a new thought process for business leaders and managers that needs to be harnessed to improve operations and revenues.